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Business areas

Project / programme management

Organisation, software, integration, SAP, omnicommerce etc.


Our team is made up of experts experienced in the areas of project and programme leadership, business process analysis and optimisation as well as digitalisation.

Successful project management can benefit hugely when the project leader works for the business and brings in external views and experiences without being dependent on those delivering the project or parts of the project!

  • The WFP project and programme management methodology

    Drawing on their many international projects, the WFP team have developed a methodology which they have frequently and successfully applied. It is always based on a careful definition of requirements and consultation with the company management. Expectations are constantly, proactively managed and changes are transparent. In this way the decision process can be optimally supported. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss our approach!

    Changes to processes, job descriptions, positions and the operational environment can create fear and resistance. Managing this is an essential success criterion for every process management, project and programme. WFP always takes the operational environment into account and works with the client to plan the participation of employees and influencers to ensure the highest possible acceptance can be achieved.


Wherever allowed to do so by our customers, we would be happy to present details of our previous projects.

  • Here is a small sample from our many projects
    • Turnaround management for an export-oriented agricultural business aiming to develop optimised business processes, create new brands and tap into new export markets with a significantly improved image. At the same time margins in the domestic markets (DE/UK) are also to be increased
    • Development of business plans and sales strategies for products in emerging markets, building a partnership with Google (DE)
    • Strategic business process analysis and trouble shooting of existing processes, systems and infrastructure with the aim of developing a sustainable framework for gathering management information (DE)
    • Consulting for a startup (cutting edge telephony convergence company) with the aim of transforming existing tools into saleable products and services. development of the entire sales concept, product specifications as well as management of the first leads for the remodelled portfolio
    • Management consultancy and business process optimisation, integration of the optimised processes into an existing, Europe-wide implemented framework of process-supporting systems (based on SAP) (DE)
    • Management consultancy and turnaround management in the supply chain of a leading food producer (UK)
    • Development and design of modern product logistics with ERP integration for a large German food producer (6 factories)
    • Complete business process reengineering (BPR)
      • supply chain optimisation: restructuring of a network of partner companies and their network-wide processes (UK)
      • production planning and materials management processes (DE)
      • inventory management processes and external system integration (DE)
      • IT organisation design (DE)
      • Integration design for optimised processes (NL)
    • Business process analysis and alignment of a national subsidiary to the European process model of a large European food manufacturer (NL, DE)
    • Business process analysis and optimisation, including harmonisation of the global sales and distribution processes of a globally active biochemical company (NL).
    • Management consulting: development of a complete new logistics concept for a large consumer goods factory on the basis of standardised processes with the integration of SAP R/3 (DE)
    • Extension of a large warehouse with processes and systems for optimising the warehouse utilisation and movements (DE)
    • Solution design for a European product tracking solution in the food and consumer goods area, including pre-sales (UK)
    • Analysis and specification of a software prototype for online product tracking with integration to SAP R/3 (UK)
    • Business process analysis and optimisation as well as European harmonisation for a multinational organisation. In addition to creating the business case and achieving buy-in from the various locations, the project included conceptional design, build, testing and Europe-wide rollout of an embedded SAP R/3 system including integration of all peripheral components with responsibility for design, configuration and interface specification etc. for all 14 manufacturing sites in 6 countries (UK, F, DE, NL, IT, SP)
    • Business case: optimisation of the packaging material logistics for a global airline
    • Design and specification of an internet-based public sector application for compliance with the Seveso II directive
    • Project management and consulting for the implementation of new repacking processes in Sweden. Integration with SAP R/3
    • Analysis, design and rollout of SAP R/3 for a personal care company (SAP MM/PP, WM etc.) and integration of an automated warehouse management and control system at process and system level
    • Supply chain consulting, S&D process analysis with conceptional design, configuration and rollout of a process-supporting SAP R/3 sales and distribution system up to implementation
    • SAP R/3 MM/PP project. Responsibility for project planning, consulting and roll-out of all supply chain relevant modules
    • Design, build and roll-out of a bespoke HR system
    • Design, build and roll-out of a warehouse management system
    • Design and build of factory information systems (quality assurance, shop pickup, line performance analysis and monitoring, attributive control etc.)

Digitalisation and software development

SAP, Web, environmental information, geoinformatics and more


Digitalisation alone will not help a company to be successful. A careful analysis of strengths in the areas of personnel, business processes and systems forms the basis for a successful digitalisation project.

The use of systems can only be optimised once the competition-relevant strengths have been mapped out and the competition-critical processes are known.

Changes create fears and concerns that have to be managed from the very beginning of any digitalisation project, in order to ensure success.

WFP offers you goal-oriented support, taking account of your company’s structure, employees and competitive processes to ensure that your need for digitalisation is not impeded by a lack of acceptance from your workforce. At the same time our extensive experience outside your company gives us the advantage of being able to demonstrate alternative approaches. Success comes when planned changes are not fought by those affected, but promoted by those involved!

WFP and our partners custom design and develop systems, but we also use standard solutions wherever economically efficient. WFP develops tailor-made solutions however, where competitive advantage does not allow the use of standard systems.

  • WFP supports applications in the industrial and public sectors
    • SAP ECC - extensions (shipping optimisation, reporting etc.)
    • id-Solutions documentation checking systems
    • Environmental information systems
    • Geoinformatics systems
    • Warehouse optimisation also with SAP integration
    • Traceability solutions for foodstuffs
    • Line monitoring systems integrated with control systems
    • Process monitoring in continuous production systems
    • Quality management systeme
    • HR systems for innovative shift models
    • Management information systems, dashboards
    • and many more

Process management

Systems, people, processes

Digitalisation, systems and organisations only work as a single entity. Systems, people and processes must be harmoniously organised in order to produce efficient results.

WFP puts diligent process analysis, taking account of your corporate goals, before any organisation or systems design. Restrictions and compromises such as budgetary constraints can subsequently lead to changes to the optimised process but the customer must be aware of the restrictions in advance and find them acceptable.

Systems are not an end in themselves and without acceptance their implementation can easily be derailed.

Efficient process management allows for the involvement of stakeholders and employees as well as preparation for the acceptance of future digital solutions.

We can support you with our international project experience in the areas of

  • Business process analysis
  • Optimisation potential (design and projects)
  • Business process transformation (design and projects)
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Coaching, training, presentations

Project management, digitalisation, id-managment

Our international project experience can help you to optimise your organisation and avoid costly mistakes. We would be happy to provide training and coaching to teams in your company in the areas of

  • Business process optimisation

    We would be pleased to share our expertise in process management and process optimisation with you through training events and workshops

  • Change management

    Changes to processes, job descriptions, positions and the operational environment can create fear and resistance. Managing this is an essential success criterion for every process management, project and programme. WFP always takes the operational environment into account and works with the client to plan the participation of employees and influencers to ensure the highest possible acceptance can be achieved.

    Through training and coaching we would be happy to help you optimise change management for your company.

  • Project management

    Drawing on our many years of experience, WFP has developed a project and programme management methodology which has been very successfully utilised in many large-scale projects. It is always based on the careful definition of requirements and alignment with the management. Expectations are thus proactively managed at all times and changes are transparent. This also allows the decision-making process to be optimally supported. We use workshops to train our customers in the methodology, these are customised so that the change management takes the respective company’s history and DNA into account.

  • Conflict management

    Changes almost always lead to conflict. As soon as a complex socio-economic system is affected by change, resistance is generated which becomes more expensive and more difficult to deal with the later it is identified.

    WFP can support you through ‘Early Watch’ sessions during your project planning and based on many complex change projects can analyse existing or potential pitfalls which could jeopardise your project.

    The dismantling of fears and mediation between the various stakeholder groups can also be more reliably achieved by an impartial outsider than through discussions within the existing hierarchy.

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We have successfully handled many large projects and are happy to put you in touch with our national and international customers, a selection of which are listed here:

  • Bakemark UK (CSM bakery)
  • Birkenstock
  • BTS Delhey Logistik GmbH
  • CSM
  • Freudenberg Anlagen- und Werkzeugtechnik KG
  • Fuchs Petrolub AG
  • G-Star, Amsterdam
  • Hamburger Morgenpost Verlag GmbH
  • Klinikum Ludwigshafen
  • Knorr
  • LUBW - Landesanstalt für Umwelt, Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-Württemberg
  • PURAC biochem
  • Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH
  • Staatliche Landwirtschaftliche Untersuchungs- und Forschungsanstalt Augustenberg
  • Straumann Group, Schweiz
  • Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim
  • TLT Turbo GmbH
  • Umweltministerium Baden-Württemberg
  • Unilever Europe
  • Unilever Deutschland GmbH
  • Unilever Deutschland GmbH & Co OHG
  • Universitätsllinikum Mannheim
  • Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit (ZI)
  • Regula


5th June 2020

WF-Partner goes live with new website!

With a clearer company presentation and focus on the core areas of digitalisation, WFP’s website also now features information for customers and partners. WFP is now even more able to capitalise on the connection between employees and processes with systems both to preserve the customer’s DNA and to utilise the potential of digitalisation efficiently and sustainably.

2nd May 2020

New, significantly expanded version of the id-Solutions suite released!

Easier use, a substantially expanded document database, a reporting module and much more make the id-Solutions suite the first choice for document verification (document present) id-Solutions.

About us

Company management


Dipl.Kfm Peter Feser

Managing partner

Peter studied business administration with a focus on industry and optimisation processes in Mannheim. On receiving his Master’s degree he was keen to start putting his knowledge straight into practice in an industrial environment.

The potential of digitalisation, which at that time was mostly in data centres and with proprietary systems, has been his passion ever since.

Thanks to technological advances in the digital environment he was able to regularly incorporate his vision early on into projects, hence digitalisation has been the focus for decades.

Peter sees change and transition as an opportunity and always focuses on the acceptance of the changes by those affected in his projects.

His skills as a mediator have also helped Peter, in his political career as mayor of his town, to implement future projects, develop infrastructure and establish businesses.

As a speaker and coach Peter has led countless events in the digitalisation sphere.


Dipl.Kfm. Ernst Ulrich Weinz

Managing partner

Ernst Ulrich, known as ‘Uli’ is a managing partner at WFP Weinz & Feser business integration partner.

Digitalisation has been a hobby horse of his since his student days at Mannheim University, albeit differently labeled back then, and in 1990 together with Peter he founded WFP, and provided consultancy to Unilever Europe, amongst others.

Uli best describes himself as a free thinker. In his view there should be absolutely no place in a company for stereotyped or classic hierarchy-based thinking.

  • More

    Today the exciting and quickly changing interaction between processes, systems and people is still his passion.

    Throughout many projects over the past decades in Germany and abroad he has always focused on change management and the goal-orientated interaction between organisation, process and system design.

    Again and again it has been shown how damaging IT-driven changes can be and how important the early involvement of people in change projects is.

    Digitalisation is much more that the use of new technology! Digitalisation affects processes, people and systems equally. It is not a project, it is a programme…for survival!

    As a results-oriented management consultant with many years of experience in the management of business process analysis and optimisation projects, ERP and IT system integration (e.g. SAP) as well as omnichannel experience across the whole supply chain (production, wholesale, retail and e-commerce integration), Uli advice to his clients is primarily aligned to their needs and goals and not, as is often the case, to existing structures and systems.


Our team of process analysts, digitalisation experts, developers and administrators will bring your project to a successful conclusion.

For specialised requirements we can also bring experts from our extended network on board.

Under the buzzword digitalisation, business process management and information technology are on everyone’s lips.

For almost 30 years, WFP has successfully interwoven people, processes and systems in countless projects at home and abroad. Digitalisation has always been WFP's core business!

We always work hand in hand with our customer, to bring processes and systems together in harmony and thus achieve the best for their organisation! The existing process must determine the system and not the other way around, the employees must have a positive attitude to the changes. Only thus can a project lead to overall success.

Find out with us where our expertise can strengthen your efficiency and competitiveness, without losing your unique identity. We understand a business process as a continuous process.The process determines the system and not vice versa.

In intensive consultation with you we develop integrated and optimised processes with the involvement of your employees and sensible use of existing and new information technology, from analysis to implementation. See for yourselves...


Since 1995, WFP has worked intensively on ERP projects with a focus on SAP, including wall-to-wall implementations

  • More

    Since 1992 WFP has worked side by side with business of all sizes to optimise their business processes and efficiently embed IT solutions, taking into account the customer’s operational circumstances and restrictions.
    From the company objectives, through the initial analysis of the relevant industry sector’s business processes, right through to the implementation of completely new process models and integrated system solutions, we support our customer through every important step of a structural optimisation. If you believe your processes could be more efficient, your systems could do more for your process, your employees could bring more ‘added value’, then talk to us!
    Our experience in the international project environment with medium-sized business as well as with large corporations can also provide you with valuable impulses. Business processes are alive and not a single one exists without the potential for improvement!
    As part of the WFP-DECON group we have received several awards, including best service provider in the state Baden-Württemberg and have organised numerous workshops and initiatives in the area of business process and IT integration.

    Our team is made up of experts from the fields of project and programme leadership, business process analysis and optimisation as well as digitalisation.

Successful project management can benefit hugely when the project leader works for the business and brings in external views and experiences without being dependent on those delivering the project or parts of the project!

If you consider individual consulting and / or external project management (by independent experts but on your behalf) for your digitalisation challenges potentially beneficial for your organisation, please get in touch! We will happily discuss the options with you in person!



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We are open from 9am — 5pm week days.